Delivering digital marketing for law firms

Social Hive delivers digital marketing services to small to medium sized law firms across Australia.

Robyn Clissold - Social Hive

Robyn Clissold, owner/operator of Social Hive, has spent the best part of 30 years working in the legal industry and has amassed a detailed and uncanny understanding of what drives online users looking for legal services.

The legal industry, in particular, has been slow to the digital marketing age. In Robyn’s most recent in-house role as the Marketing Manager for a mid-sized plaintiff firm, she recognised the power of online marketing very early and embarked on a plan to put her firm ahead of the crowd. The plan put in place turned out to be one of the most lucrative planning decisions made at that time.

Since those early days, the firm’s client conversion to paying customer as a result of internet referrals has continued to grow. But make no mistake, this is not simply a matter of luck.

There is a process and a set of “must haves” for firms to develop and grow their online brand.

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What led to Social Hive as a business?

Development and implementation of a digital marketing plan, from website technical development to website content to social media and online advertising, is not black and white.

Many law firms and other professional services firms work in a heavily regulated environment where there are often set processes and procedures to follow.

With digital marketing, it’s half science + process and half art.

Lawyers, accountants and financial advisers are highly skilled at their profession. That doesn’t always translate to being highly skilled at every facet of their business and in particular, a flair for the creative required in digital marketing initiatives is often missing.

There are literally thousands of digital marketing service providers and if you Google it, the market seems saturated and it’s really difficult to know who to choose.

What’s missing is an affordable entry-level service; not too scary, not too pricey but importantly, scalable.

So if your business grows too big for that entry-level service, you can move to the next step. Or alternatively, if you’re happy with your progress as is, you can stay right where you are - we promise.

What makes Social Hive different?

Many (if not most) digital marketing agencies offer services to all industries; whether that be in the e-commerce world, travel, leisure, lifestyle or professional services. 

At Social Hive, we strongly believe that the experience within and around the industry you're marketing will have a significant impact on the success of your online plan. We know the legal industry with over 30 years working directly within it. We acknowledge your challenges, we know your clients and we understand your legislative restrictions. 

Marketing professional services is a completely different proposal to marketing a physical product. Let's face it, no-one really wants to purchase legal services. It's not a purchase that, for the most part, evokes positive emotions. You're not selling the latest sports car or chocolates half price today. People don't wake up one morning, see your Family Law Facebook post and think, oh OK, I think I'll go and get a divorce today.

We will help you deliver a knowledge and experience based, plain English plan that builds on your expertise, builds trust around your name and promotes your firm and it's staff as highly knowledgeable and skilled, empathetic, approachable and gung ho about what you do and how you do it. Most importantly, we will humanise your potential clients experience with your firm's online presence.

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What’s with the name, Social Hive?

Everything the beehive does is centred around the health and longevity of the hive.

The hive relies on all the bees pulling together for a common goal. The hive is efficient and productive and every bee has a dedicated role and highly specialised tasks to perform.

Working with Social Hive means you too will form part of the colony. Social Hive does not believe in outsourcing your knowledge and experience, so the content about your industry is provided by you and simply, where needed, enhanced by us.

Social Hive will assist you with your creative content and take on the tasks associated with broadcasting your content across Facebook and/or LinkedIn and through electronic mail campaigns we build for you; that’s our highly specialised task.

Finally, the bee colony is in it for the long haul; always communicating and always on the lookout to maximise efficiency, productivity and results.