Social Hive Guest Blogging Policy

Thanks for your interest in providing a guest blog to the Social Hive website.

This guide is designed to provide you with an overview and policy requirements when we work with our guest bloggers. All guest bloggers will need to satisfy the requirements. We have created this policy to ensure content quality and, more importantly, integrity of the content and information we share on our site.

Social Hive guest blogging requirements

  • We do not pay authors/organisations for guest blogs but rather provide an opportunity for appropriate backlinks. So long as there are not too many, we are quite negotiable on the links you include in your blog.
  • Those requesting to write content for the Social Hive blog should provide samples of topics/titles they would like to write about. The content should be suitable for the work Social Hive does. For example, we only provide digital marketing services to Australian law firms (professional services companies), so an article on e-commerce is not going to work for us.
  • Notably, we provide services to law firms, but we do NOT write blogs about the law. Our blogs are about digital marketing (for the legal sector).
  • The content provided must be unique and should not have been published elsewhere. We run draft articles through a plagiarism and duplication checker before proceeding.
  • We do not accept articles on topics we’ve already clearly covered on our blog. Of course, there may be articles that will complement what’s already on our site by, for example, going into much more detail on a particular topic.
  • It is important that the author’s grasp of English spelling and grammar is high.
  • We like a minimum of 700 words and a maximum of 1,500.
  • It is important to include relevant sub-headings throughout your article; both for SEO and, importantly, user experience.
  • We reserve the right to recommend adjustments to the content. Any recommended adjustments will be provided to the original author for agreement prior to publishing.
  • It is essential that guest bloggers look at the Social Hive blog to get an understanding of our style and provide their content to suit our site and visitors.
  • We would always want our guest bloggers to provide an “About the author” section at the end, limited to 100 words and provide a suitable photo of the author. This section must have a link to the author’s website and preferably to their profile on the website.
  • We do not provide content around Instagram, TikTok and other similar platforms, as these are not used by our client base. We primarily like our content to be around SEO, LinkedIn, Facebook (including ads), Google Business Profiles, Google (updates, analytics, search console, tag manager, search etc), YouTube, content creation, CX, UX, design etc.
  • We prefer not to use images “inside the article” unless they have a clear purpose.
  • Regarding the primary image to go with the article, please supply this as a commercially usable stand-alone image (no text overlay etc.). We use the image you provide/select to create various versions; on page, open graph and use in Google listings etc. If you are unable to provide a commercially usable image, we can select one ourselves using our own subscription. Likewise, if an image you provide is “not quite right”, we reserve the right to select one ourselves.
  • Guest authors must be “attached” to a business, and the guest content must be provided via an email address for that business' domain (not a Gmail, Hotmail etc address). This is for quality control, anti-spam, security etc.
  • If you’re still keen to provide a guest blog in accordance with our blogging policy, you can send your draft, in MS Word format, to:

Robyn Clissold
Phone inquiries: +61 412 338 376