8 reasons your law firm should be using social media


8 reasons your law firm should be using social media

Law firms in Australia have generally been slow to embrace the marketing and branding opportunities of social media; Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or any other platform.

This trend is changing and more and more law firms are seeing the need to not simply have a website, but to have an entire digital marketing strategy across multiple channels.

When working on your law firm’s digital strategy, social media channels are a must.

However, you don’t need to be everywhere. You should analyse and determine which social media channels will work best for you and your law firm and settle on two to three; four at most. As a starting point, we’d often recommend Facebook and LinkedIn followed up with a YouTube channel depending on your firm’s practice areas.

In this article we’re going to primarily reference Facebook as it is the largest channel and the most diverse for a mix of both B2C and B2B marketing.

What are our top 8 reasons your law firm should be on social media?

  1. Brand Awareness

With 15,000,000 monthly active users in Australia, Facebook shares the number one social platform space with YouTube. And over 10,000,000 of them are in the 25-55 age group; perfect for most law firms, particularly plaintiff firms.

So imagine, this is an opportunity to have your firm’s name, on a daily basis, visible to millions of people. Of course, it’s unlikely your organic Facebook page would reveal itself to that many people but the opportunities for brand awareness organically or paid, are very high.

  1. Create a persona for your brand

Social media channels give you ample opportunity to create your own persona; and further to update it as needed, easily and relatively cheaply. It’s a very lean marketing initiative.

For individuals seeking legal services, when they think of a law firm, they may think of a formal office, perhaps a little conservative, people in suits and ties, highly educated staff and maybe a bit “out of their league”.

As we all know, this is not always the case. And for many firms (Personal Injury, Family Law, Wills/Estates) they don’t necessarily want this image. They want to be approachable, normal and trustworthy people.

You can create your own persona through social media in the way you write (plain English), they way you communicate, the imagery you use and your culture. You can easily demonstrate your firm’s persona via your social media channels.

  1. Share your expertise

There are still many Australians who believe “a law firm’s a law firm – no difference”. As we know, this is not correct.

With the ability to post regularly to your business social media channels, you have ample opportunity every week/month to share information on exactly what you do – drilling down into your niche practice areas; your experience and your expertise.

You can share scenarios that put your visitor in the front seat; in a situation they feel is not dissimilar to their own. You can share (anonymously or with your client’s permission) “real life” stories. You can share your expertise, building on it as your channel grows.

  1. Drive traffic to your website

Your website is like your law firm’s “home”. All your content; expertise, experience, culture and history live there. In terms of your digital marketing referrals, it’s likely the number one source for inquiries and clients.

And we know, the more traffic your website gets, the higher influence it has and the higher regard and trust search engines give it, which leads to even more visitors.

Your visitors might come from organic searches, paid searches, directly visiting your site, from referring sites and also, from your social media channels. The more you build engagement on your social media channels, the more likelihood of visitors to your website and subsequently, converting clients.

  1. Social sharing

Social sharing is the sharing of content from an online platform; your website and/or your social media channels.

People trust their friends and family. They are much more likely to buy from someone their friends and family recommend rather than someone they choose randomly. The more your followers share your content across their own channels, the more authority it creates.

It also puts more eyes on your brand and your content; purely from being shared to a potentially entirely new market.

  1. A foundation for your online advertising

One of the simplest and cheapest online advertising platforms is Facebook boosted posts.

Once you’ve crafted your organic posts (maybe 2-3 a week), you can monitor how well they perform, using Facebook’s built in analytics.

You can then select your highest performing posts and apply some advertising dollars to them to reach more people; people who are not following you already. You can apply as little as $20 (or much more if you like) to reach an entirely new audience.

You can create audiences with demographics targeted to your content and you can adjust your ad during its advertising period to ensure it’s performing at its optimum. Your ad can be set up to drive brand awareness, traffic to your website or social engagements (likes, shares, comments) amongst other metrics.

  1. Spy on your competition

Everyone’s always interested in what the competition is up to.

Your competition may be on social media channels. If you’re there too, you’ll be able to keep a check on what they’re up to. It’s not always necessary to completely reinvent the wheel; you could find inspiration in what some of your competitors are up to.

  1. Retargeted marketing – “Retargeting”

Retargeting is a form of targeted advertising or marketing used to craft campaigns based on a consumer’s previous activity. Facebook provides a classic opportunity for retargeting with its “Facebook Pixel”.

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code placed on your website which records activities of your visitors from the Facebook platform.

You can then create advertising campaigns for example, targeting those who have visited your website before (even specifying during what period), or have completed an online form or another action on your site. This is a very powerful form of digital marketing via social media channels and provides significant opportunities.

Is it time for your law firm to enter the social media world but you’re not sure where to start? That’s our specialty. Get in touch today for a no obligation/no cost chat about your options.

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