Google Business Profile management has changed in 2022


Google Business Profile now managed in-SERP

If there is one thing we know about Google, it’s that it never remains stagnant! The search engine giant is continually making changes to its platforms and algorithms, and it is critical that businesses keep up. Over 2022, Google has been rolling out the new look Google Business Profile which replaces Google My Business. Let’s take a closer look at the new look and feel.

Starting earlier in 2022, Google commenced changing how businesses manage their Google business profile. This used to be known as Google My Business, but it’s now Google Business Profile. Below, we will tell you a little bit more about the changes and what to expect so that you can manage your business’s presence effectively in search.

You can now only manage your Google Business Profile in-SERP

Google has been slowly rolling out new business profile management options for users. For the past few months, you may have noticed a pop-up whenever you log into your account, asking if you would now like to manage this live (in-SERP, meaning on the search engine results page) or stay within the dashboard (how you were accustomed to managing your profile in the past).

We’re sure most of you would have been selecting to stay within the dashboard. After all, we all like to stick with what we know, right?

However, this is no longer an option. Whenever you log in now, you will be taken directly to the “in-SERP” or “live” management mode. The dashboard is a thing of the past. You can take a look at the image below to see what Google Business Profile management now looks like.

Google Business Profile management in-SERP

A new editing and management experience

Of course, SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. So, you’re managing your business profile on your SERP. This provides a completely new editing and management experience.

We have noticed that some performance metrics have disappeared, as have some photo insights.

There are also some small changes in terminology. Rather than being a ‘user,’ you’re now referred to as a ‘manager.’ Furthermore, in the old dashboard, the term ‘posts’ was used, and this has been replaced with ‘updates.’

In the SERP, a lot of the features are hidden behind the three dots. You no longer have a dashboard experience with full visualisation of your Google Business Profile performance and data.

Performance metrics has a new look

We have had to say goodbye to performance metrics that were helpful when managing a Google Business Profile. You cannot access insights on how people search for your business on Google. There is no longer a pie chart that offers visualisation on your searches. Instead, you must download data from your Google Business Profile to evaluate and visualise it. Alternatively, you can access it using the API.

You won’t be able to get data on where searchers are located or how people use directions. Instead, there is a new ‘Performance’ area, which shows you, amongst other things, the number of requests you have over time. You can break this down, using the tabs, for website clicks, bookings, messages, and calls, all of which can be located under the Performance section in the in-SERP editor.

What this means is that there is a critical data visualisation element missing for businesses.

This will be felt by more companies than others. For example, if you run a seasonal business, these insights and data were incredibly valuable. You could use them to understand how to budget properly and how much money to set aside for marketing. Now, different methods must be used to establish this.

Photo insights no longer available

A lot of people have also been shocked to discover that Photo Insights is no longer available on Google Business Profiles.

Previously, these insights provided you with data regarding the types of views your photos received. You would also be able to find out how many photos you had contributed to your profile in comparison to the number of photos your customers had uploaded.

You could use this data to find out what sort of influence your photos were having on your Google Business Profile and, ultimately, how engaging and active your profile was.

Of course, the in-SERP editor has only just been rolled out, so we can expect some changes and improvements going forward. It will be interesting to see if Google provides us with anything similar to photo insights going forward.

The three dots (...)

With the dashboard version of Google Business Profile, you would have been used to seeing everything you need in front of you. However, they are now clickable icons.

As in-SERP has limited space, the three-dot menu button is used to organise your listing. By clicking on this, you will find a whole host of different options, such as notification settings.

This basically means that you need to look a little bit more to access the features you need, but we’re sure everyone will soon get used to this.

What do the Google Business Profile changes mean to you?

As is the case with any change, it takes a little bit of time to get used to.

Google has taken away some metrics and insights. If you relied on these, you will need to find different ways of getting the data you need and analysing it. You may choose to download the data and use your own visualisation techniques.

We recommend spending a bit of time exploring the in-SERP editor so that you can get used to it and understand the changes that have been made.

We’re here to help you optimise your Google Business Profile

If you are finding it difficult to navigate the changes that have been made or if you previously relied on the performance and photo insights that have now been removed, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Social Hive today.

We have helped many law firms to optimise their Google Business Profile listing.

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