Next level networking with audio events via LinkedIn in 2022


A guide to LinkedIn audio events

In 2022, we’re all over Zoom, Skype, online conferences and online networking events. A plethora of platforms have pivoted to online initiatives over the last two years. And now, LinkedIn is pushing the boundaries for increased and improved online connections. LinkedIn audio events is currently in beta testing with a plan to roll it out to all members over 2022. In fact, many members may already be seeing the option at the top of their feed.

LinkedIn audio events

What is a LinkedIn audio event?

The primary purpose of LinkedIn is for professional connection, learning and development. LinkedIn has a number of tools to drive this from your profile to text posts, image posts, video posts, job posts, advertising/sponsorship options and LinkedIn publishing.

Now comes the audio event. LinkedIn audio events are pretty much precisely what it sounds like. It’s in audio-only format and the host can run their event for anywhere between 15 minutes to 3 hours.

Sure, there are a lot of online event options now, including Twitter Spaces and Facebook Live Audio Rooms. There’s also Clubhouse, which was initially only available to an ‘elite’ few on invitation but is now available to all.

But LinkedIn has a few tricks in its basket that the others don’t necessarily have.

Some features that make LinkedIn’s audio events stand out

  • It works brilliantly on desktop with the ability (with so much screen space available compared to using, for example, a mobile app) to have your audio going, a chat setup section and LinkedIn itself with participant profiles to click on.
  • Attendee and presenter profiles not only show your name but your ‘headline’ too. This is great for working out, quickly, who’s who and who does what.
  • Coming soon (ish), you’ll be able to monetise your events as LinkedIn is working on a paid ticketing option.
  • Networking made easy – profiles of attendees are front and centre during an audio event so you can learn more about your fellow participants, on the fly.
  • Free InMail to 2nd and 3rd degree connections while on an audio event – no need for premium membership.
  • The algorithm will be continuously tailored to ensure you’re seeing event options that are much more tailored to you.
  • Instant reactions (emoji style) during presentations, for either the presenter or participant commentary.
  • When you elect to ‘attend’, you’ll get the option to automatically add it to your preferred digital calendar.

This is all designed to help you connect, network and learn more seamlessly on the world’s largest professional networking platform, than ever before.

Who can attend a LinkedIn audio event?

Any LinkedIn member who has the link or an invitation to an event can attend.

Event attendees can also invite their own connections to attend the event and can share the event on their own timeline.

LinkedIn members can also be speakers at an event.

How to create your LinkedIn audio event

LinkedIn audio events is in beta testing at the time of writing and a limited number of LinkedIn users have access. If you’re one of the lucky ones, below are the instructions to create your event.

  • Click on ‘event’ in the posting box at the top of your profile or select ‘add event’ from the bottom of the left side menu
  • Select ‘event type’; online or in-person
  • Add a name/title for your event (give it some impact to attract attendees)
  • Confirm the time zone – it will default to your profile time zone
  • Add start/end date and time
  • Add an event description; you’ll have 5,000 characters to play with here.
  • Add your speakers
  • Click next and you’ll be provided with a ‘post to your timeline’ opportunity. Here’s where you can make it a ‘public’ event or restrict your attendees.
  • Remember to add your hashtags and… post!

* As much as we try our utmost to keep all content up to date, the digital world is fast-moving and things get missed. LinkedIn audio events are very new at the time of writing this article. As LinkedIn audio events are still in beta testing and not fully rolled out, the above instructions to create your event may change over time. Feel free to let us know if our content needs updating at any time:

How to find a LinkedIn audio event?

Currently (early March 2022), you can find events in your feed, via a notification or via an invitation. In time, it’s hoped there will be search options for events to attend.

What safety mechanisms does LinkedIn have for its audio events?

As with most reputable online platforms, there are strong and significant terms and conditions of use.

Individual attendees, hosts and/or speakers can be reported to LinkedIn for inappropriate behaviour or content. Reporting is easy within the audio event by simply clicking on the attendee’s profile and selecting “report”.

Likewise, an actual event can be reported to LinkedIn as being inappropriate.

Notably, LinkedIn records all audio events to enable them to investigate any violations of their terms and conditions of use.

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