The launch of Google Perspectives & how to optimise for it


The launch of Google Perspectives & how to optimise for it

Google is always evolving. We’re constantly hearing about algorithm changes and new features. Because of this, it’s imperative to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and updates. Otherwise, you’ll only end up getting left behind!

In this blog, we’re going to tell you all about one of the newest Google features: Perspectives.

  • What is Google Perspectives?
  • How to optimise for Google Perspectives
  • Originality and quality are key with Google Perspectives
  • How do you create original, premium content?
  • Personal experiences and stories will be a focus

What is Google Perspectives?

Google Perspectives is both a filter and a dedicated section that Google is adding to its search engine. When you visit this section or tap on the filter, you’ll diversify your search results, meaning you’ll see various types of content - not just website links!

You can expect:

  • written posts;
  • images;
  • long videos;
  • short videos; and
  • much more, which have been shared across social media and online forums.

Basically, Perspectives has been created so that searchers can find stories, advice, and tips shared by content creators and real people.

Google has said it’s going to display the author’s name, profile photo, or data about how popular the content is, which should help you decipher just how credible and trustworthy a website and content is.

How to optimise for Google Perspectives

We can expect the introduction of Google Perspectives to have a large impact on SEO. After all, traditionally, SEO has been about optimizing your website to feature higher in the search engine result pages. However, with Perspectives, the game is changing once again.

We can expect to see a real focus on the following areas.

User-generated content with Google Perspectives

There’s only one place to begin, and this is with user-generated content - something Perspectives places a strong emphasis on!

What this means is that you can use content on Q&A websites, discussion boards, and social media platforms to rank higher in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

As a consequence, you may need to rethink your content strategy to include more user-generated content or to engage more actively on these platforms.

Here are some tips for creating more user-generated content:

  • Hold contests or giveaways - Run fun contests where users create posts about your services to enter. This tactic can produce a wave of fresh content and generate buzz around your brand.
  • Launch hashtag campaigns - Propose a unique hashtag for your followers to use when sharing their experiences with your brand. It makes it easy for you to locate and reshare their posts.
  • Request customer reviews - Encourage your customers to write reviews or testimonials. Featuring these on your website or social platforms can demonstrate the value of your products and services.
  • Highlight user posts - Regularly share user-generated content (including content written by your own in-house bloggers/authors) on your own platforms.
  • Foster a community - Create an inviting space for your brand community, perhaps through online forums or social media groups. Communities often naturally generate discussion and content around shared interests.
  • Promote user-created guides - For more complex services, you can create simple explanatory guides and ask customers for their input. Such content can be extremely helpful to others and showcases your service in action.
  • Partner with influencers - Influencers can create appealing content and inspire their followers to do the same. When looking for a legal influencer, make sure they, and their audience aligns with your brand.
  • Engage with user comments - Prompting your followers to ask questions or comment on your posts can stimulate conversation and engagement.

Always remember to ask for permission before sharing a user's content, and give them the credit they deserve.

Originality and quality are key with Google Perspectives

Google will put an increasing focus on the originality and quality of the content. This means content creators need to concentrate on producing high-quality, original content which offers unique experiences and insights.

With the rise of AI, such as ChatGPT, content creators will be pleased to know that their original work will hold a significant edge.

How do you create original, premium content?

It involves a deep understanding of your audience, your content topic, the value you can provide, and how your content can stand out.

Begin by identifying your audience's needs and interests through market research or audience feedback. For example, what are your new clients consistently asking about when they first meet with a lawyer? Then, develop content that addresses those needs, whether it's in-depth articles, informative videos, engaging podcasts, or detailed guides.

Make sure your content is not just original but also provides valuable insights, expert knowledge, or unique perspectives that your audience can't find elsewhere.

Additionally, investing in high-quality production, engaging storytelling, and professional design can help make your content more appealing and reinforce its premium status.

Personal experiences and stories will be a focus of Google Perspectives

Last but not least, we’ll see an increased focus on personal experiences and stories now that Google Perspectives has arrived.

You can share case studies that display how your legal services have helped individuals or businesses with the challenges they’ve faced. Of course, you’ll always need to get permission before doing this.

There are some other ways you can add more relatability and authenticity to your content:

  • Create personal videos - Create video content that provides visual and narrative depth to your stories or the information you’re sharing. Videos can be very engaging and can help convey emotions more effectively.
  • Share personal experiences on social media - Use social media platforms to share day-to-day experiences, behind-the-scenes content, or employee stories. Instagram Stories or Facebook posts can be great for sharing such content.
  • Make the most of your About Us page - Tell your brand's story; share the journey, the ups and downs, and how it all started. Make it a narrative that's easy to connect with.
  • Share your involvement with the community - Share your experiences related to community service or social responsibility initiatives. This shows that your brand has values beyond business.

Capitalise on Google Perspectives before the competition does

So, there you have it: a basic insight into Google Perspectives and what this means for your business from an SEO perspective. While Google Perspectives is in its infancy, it makes sense to capitalise on it now before your competition does.

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