Beyond the bots - why AI content can't sustain your content strategy


Beyond the bots - why AI content can't sustain your content strategy

Content marketing is a vital piece of the puzzle when it comes to building your online presence. However, one thing that has come into question over the past year is how we go about generating this content. The allure of artificial intelligence (AI) to churn out articles at breakneck speed is undeniable.

For many, the temptation to replace human creativity with AI-generated content seems like a quick fix to the constant demand for fresh material. But is this a viable long-term strategy or just a temporary advantage?

Before you ask ChatGPT to create your next blog, ask yourself: Will this benefit my business, or could it actually hurt my law firm in the future?

Why AI-generated content could spell trouble in the future

AI can churn out a 500-word article for you in a matter of minutes. But is that short-term time gain really worth the potential repercussions later down the line?

Google's watchful eye

While AI can generate countless articles swiftly, the overarching risk of Google penalties looms large. Google has a history of penalising sites that employ manipulative SEO practices, and mass-produced AI content could easily fall into this category.

The tech giant values quality and user experience above all, making it crucial to consider the potential SEO implications of using AI-generated content extensively.

The mediocrity trap

AI-generated content tends to be average. It's designed to replicate existing information without introducing new insights or perspectives. This intrinsic limitation means that while AI can generate content quickly, it often lacks the depth and originality that human writers bring to the table.

For content that resonates with readers and stands out in a crowded digital landscape, mediocrity is a significant handicap.

The branding dilemma

Can AI content effectively convey your brand’s voice or ethos? The short answer: not really.

Brand identity is built on unique, consistent messaging that AI cannot replicate with the same nuance as humans.

When your content is the primary interaction customers have with your brand, settling for AI’s impersonal touch can dilute your brand's impact.

The accuracy issue

In industries like law, where precision and up-to-date information are paramount, the limitations of AI can be particularly problematic.

AI tools have a 'knowledge cutoff', meaning they are not aware of any developments or changes in law that have occurred after their last training update. This can lead to the generation of content that is outdated, short on detail or simply incorrect.

For legal professionals, the stakes of giving inaccurate information are especially high. Incorrect legal advice (even with disclaimers on your site) or outdated legal references can mislead clients.  

Moreover, in the legal field, where the nuances of language and the specificity of terms are crucial, AI-generated content often falls short, risking not only the firm’s credibility but also its compliance with stringent legal standards.

The potential for AI to "hallucinate" information - fabricating data or misrepresenting facts - heightens these risks. In practice, such inaccuracies could harm your reputation and misguide legal proceedings, leading to serious ethical and professional consequences.

Therefore, while AI can assist with certain administrative tasks or provide initial drafts, its use in creating client-facing legal content requires careful oversight and should not replace the expert judgment and bespoke analysis provided by qualified legal professionals.

The content that counts = human-written content

The risks associated with AI-generated content are there for all to see. Instead, by leveraging the skills of an expert writer, you can create content that is accurate, engaging, SEO-optimised, and gives you the platform to flourish.

  • Build trust and loyalty - Content marketing isn’t just about driving traffic; it’s about building relationships. Trust and loyalty are the cornerstones of any successful brand, and they are built on genuine, thoughtful interaction. AI struggles to match the empathetic and engaging touch human writers offer, which is essential for creating lasting connections with your audience.
  • Innovation and creativity - Innovation in content creation comes from human experiences and imaginative thought processes. While bots offer speed, they can’t offer this level of creativity.
  • The engagement factor - Consider the engagement that comes from content rich with personal insights, lively anecdotes, and a conversational tone. Content that engages is not just read; it’s felt. And that emotional impact is something AI is far from achieving.

Practical tips for content creation

Now, we’re not saying that AI is a forbidden term that should never be spoken about, let alone used, in the future! It certainly has its uses and its benefits. But, when it comes to content creation, caution is needed.

Here are some practical tips to help you out.

Use AI wisely

AI can be a powerful tool for certain tasks like generating reports or SEO back-end optimisation.

Use AI to handle the quantitative, leaving the qualitative, soulful content creation to humans who can inject personality and flair (and accuracy) into your articles.

Focus on quality over quantity

It might be tempting to push out vast quantities of content but focus on quality. A few well-crafted pieces will have a greater impact on your audience than hundreds of mediocre articles. They’re also more likely to be shared, increasing your brand’s reach organically.

Engage through varied content formats

Mix up your content formats to keep the audience engaged. You could consider including (if relevant):

  • infographics that break down complex data into digestible visuals;
  • videos that can humanise your content and increase engagement;
  • podcasts that cater to the growing number of people who consume content on the go

AI is not the long-term answer to content creation

While AI offers tempting shortcuts for content production, it's clear that it should not replace human creativity. For businesses looking to build a sustainable and respected brand, investing in high-quality, human-created content is the key to long-term success.

AI might offer a quick fix, but the depth, creativity, and emotional connection of human-produced content are irreplaceable and essential for building lasting relationships with your audience.

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