Is your law firm maximising the potential of digital marketing?


Is your law firm maximising the potential of digital marketing?

First things first, at Social Hive we work with small to medium law firms to maximise their online potential. Is your law firm ready to take the plunge?

We choose to work with law firms because that’s what we know and we think it’s it's much more authentic to help sell a product or service if you know about and you've got experience working in it. 

Does your law firm have an online presence and if not, why not?

  • Perhaps you’re already getting too much work – more than you can support.
  • It could be that it’s too expensive.
  • Or is it because you don’t know anything about it and it’s a “little bit scary”?
  • Maybe you simply don’t want to be in the online space.

These and many other reasons are preventing small firms from delving into digital marketing to build their brand.

If you simply don’t want to be there and it’s not for you, this article is probably not for you either.

But if it’s any of the other reasons mentioned above, perhaps we can help.

  1. Have you simply got too much work already?

This is a great position to be in.

But what happens when/if that work source ends?

It could be a referral source that chooses to send their work elsewhere. You’ll then be looking for another source to replace that revenue stream.

It could be word-of-mouth. But in an increasingly competitive market with more and more providers popping up on a regular basis, that referral source will likely erode somewhat.

Perhaps you work in a very niche area of law and have a low competitor ratio. With constant pressure on many law firms to discovery new practice areas that fit their culture and what they’re already doing, that niche area is always open to becoming main stream and your share of the pie will diminish.

With a digital marketing presence, you control the flow of new clients.

  1. Digital marketing is too expensive for my firm

Yes, a lot of digital agencies can be expensive for smaller firms. Particularly those that sell a “bells and whistles” package that’s more suited to a larger firm.

But what if you could enter the online space at a rate that sits more comfortably with your size and revenue and with an agency that fully understands the legal industry?

Of course you’re not going to get the exposure of a national or multi-national firm who are literally throwing millions or even tens of thousands of dollars into their marketing initiatives; but you don’t need that exposure. You need local, targeted exposure with a budget that reflects your income.

  1. The online marketing world is a little bit scary

Yes it can be. But then, being a lawyer would be a little bit scary for us. Just like other experts you engage in your firm, a digital marketing agency is no different. We’re really good at what we do just like you’re really good at what you do.

We always think “you wouldn’t hire a GP to do your brain surgery”. Like that relationship though, we don’t just take over. We work closely with you at every step of the way. We’d love you to learn as you go along.

Have we convinced you to consider some digital marketing for your law firm?

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