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Approved and Free Social Media Icons for Download

Updated: 21 May 2020

If your firm has a website and uses social media channels for your business, you should be using current and correct social media icons across your site. Social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn have highly recognisable icons. Using these on your firm’s website and elsewhere, to link to your own social channels, just makes good sense.

Where should I use social media icons?

There are a number of different places you can use social media icons, including:

  1. On your company website – to either link to your social platform or for people to share your page content to their own feeds
  2. In your newsletters – you should have ‘connect with us’ options in your newsletters to connect recipients to your social channels. If you are using a third-party platform (like MailChimp or Campaign Monitor) to develop your company newsletters, these will have their own versions of social media icons already embedded into your design options.
  3. Email signatures – you can add your social channels to your email signature, for example in Outlook or Gmail.
  4. Old school printed material – even though we’ve used the term ‘old school’, there is still a place for printed marketing and business development material. Although you can’t electronically link to your social channels from the printed document, you can still use the highly recognised social platform icons to instantly indicate to readers that you are active on certain channels.

Often, it’s difficult to find the most current icons or a variety of icons in different styles and sizes. That’s why most (if not all) social media platforms have a resource that contains all their media, in downloadable format, available for public use.

Sometimes you will have to complete and authority and sometimes you can simply download the icons that you want. At all times, you should abide by the ‘commercial use’ policies of each platform.

In today’s post, we’re going to share those resource pages with you, for the social platforms of Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.


All the digital assets you need for Facebook, in one place here.

Make sure you read the ‘request permission’ section which indicates when you need permission from Facebook to use their logo.


All the digital assets you need for YouTube, in one place here. This same link shares a full “Do and Don’t” list when using their logos and icons.


All the digital assets you need for Instagram, in one place here.

Make sure you stay on top of Instagram guidelines here.


All the digital assets you need for LinkedIn, in one place here. (downloadable zip file)


All the digital assets you need for Twitter, in one place here.

Check out the Twitter brand guidelines with this downloadable pdf.

Important tips when using approved social media icons

  • Always follow the brand guidelines relevant to each platform
  • Use an appropriately sized image for each use - remember, no-one likes lazy social media profiles and content.
  • Do not change the colour of images unless the guidelines for each platform permits it
  • Investigate any requirements by any platform, for you to obtain permission prior to using their digital assets.

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